May 31, 2014 - Children of Mary Profession and Clothing

profession-053114 Sisters of Children of Mary before Mass

profession-053114 profession-053114 Several priest, deacons, and seminarians joined us for this special day

profession-053114 Seminarian Dan Olvera reads the first reading

profession-053114 Fr. Stash Daily gives a beautiful homily

profession-053114 Sister Susan receives the Holy Habit

“My heart's desire is to give myself to God as a Sister of Children of Mary; to adore and love Him and pray that all people will come to adore Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament and be faithful members of His Holy Catholic Church.”



Sr. Laena makes her first profession of vows and receives the name Sr. Faustina Maria

“Mother, I ask you to accept my promise to live a chaste life out of profound love for Jesus, the Spouse of my soul, to live a life of poverty so that I may be attached to nothing or no one except my Lord, to live a life of obedience to Holy Church, embracing and obeying all she teaches and prescribes, not as a slave bound out of fear, but as a child of Mary who finds joy and freedom in lovingly striving to please God by obeying His Church.

I promise to pray for our bishop, for abundant and holy priests, and to pray for the fulfillment of Godís desire for the Enthronement of the Living and Sacred Heart of Jesus on the altars of the world, that He may be loved and adored by His people, and peace may come to earth.”

Sr. Lynn makes her first profession of vows and receives the name Sr. Josepha Marie



“Receive the black veil, a sign that you have worn the white veil, have put on the mind of Christ, and that you are now willing to die with Him - to be the spouse of your crucified Spouse. Your goal in life will be to please God alone in your every thought, word, and deed. Through this consecration to God, your every act will be an act of worship. Whether you are cleaning, praying, eating, recreating, everything you do will be an act of worship, something beautiful for God.”

profession-053114 The two newly professed sisters embrace

Sisters of Children of Mary community after the Profession and Clothing ceremony

From left - Sr. Mary Teresa, Sr. Rosa, Sr. Miriam, Sister Laura, Sr. Faustina Maria, Sr. Bernadette Marie, Mother Margaret Mary, Sr. Philomena Maria, Sr. Josepha Marie, Sr. Agnes Immaculae, Sister Susan, Sr. Leslie, Aureus

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