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Sisters of Children of Mary

The Sisters of Children of Mary
Top from left - Sr. Lucia Maria, Sr. Bernadette Marie, Sr. Andrea Maria, Sr. Josepha Maria
Front from left - Sr. Laura, Sr. Mary Consolata, Sr. Faustina Maria, Sr. Philomena Maria, Mother Margaret Mary,
Sr. Agnes Immaculae, Sr. Katerina Rose, Sr. Antonetta Maria, Sr. Ciara

Blessed Sacrament

When you come to the land the first place you want to go is the Chapel!
Greet the King and thank Him for the blessings He has in store for you.

Blessed Sacrament

Jesus: the Heart of the Community, the Heart of the Church, the Heart of the world . . .

St. Michael statue The Sisters consecrated the community and the land to St. Michael the Archangel on the September 29th, The Feast of the Archangels.

O Most Noble Prince of the Angelic Hierarchies, valorous warrior of Almighty God, and zealous lover of His glory, terror of the rebellious angels, and love and delight of all the just, my Beloved Archangel Saint Michael, desiring to be numbered among your devoted servants, I today offer and consecrate myself and the Children of Mary to you. I place all our possessions and apostolates under your most powerful protection. I entreat you not to look at how little I, as your servant have to offer, being only a wretched sinner, but to gaze rather with favorable eye at the heartfelt affection with which this offering is made, and to remember that if from this day onward we are under your patronage, you must during all our lives assist us, and procure for us the pardon of our many grievous offenses and sins, the grace to love with all our hearts our God, our Dear Savior Jesus, and our sweet Mother Mary, and obtain for us all the help necessary to arrive to our crowns of glory. Defend us always from our spiritual enemies, particularly in the last moments of our lives. Come then O glorious Prince and succor us in our last struggle, and with your powerful weapon cast far from us, into the infernal abysses, that prevaricator and proud angel that one day you prostrated in the celestial battle. Accompany us then to the Throne of God to with you, Archangel Saint Michael and all the Angels, praise, honor and glory to the One Who reigns for all eternity. Amen.

St. Clare pond St. Clare pond

the chicken coop The chicken coop

Blessed Virgin Mary statue Our beautiful Mother watches over us and guides us. And we joyfully offer ourselves as slaves of love to Her.

log chapel and attached convent Log chapel and Welcome Center, with Cloister.

[Click HERE to see photos of the chapel under construction.]

[Click HERE to see photos of the cloister under construction.]

St. Clare and St. Francis ponds St. Clare and St. Francis ponds.


hermitage at the beginning Seclusion and silence in the primitive hermitage.

[Click HERE to see a picture of the hermitage at the very beginning.]

Stations of the Cross Stations of the Cross erected by SPO men.
Stations of the Cross Closeup of one of the Stations of the Cross plaques.

house for retreatants House for retreatants.

[Click HERE to see a picture of the farmhouse on "moving day" - when Mother Margaret Mary arrived on August 25th, 1989.]

pond view Another view, from the far side of the pond.

Mother Margaret Mary with Pope John Paul II
Mother Margaret Mary makes consecration
Mother Margaret Mary presenting the charism for Children of Mary to His Holiness Pope John Paul II on January 3, 2002, and making her consecration to His Excellency Bishop James A. Griffin on January 17, 2002. Seated are Msgr. Frank Lane and Msgr. Paul Enke. Other priests present for the ceremony were Msgr. Ed Trenor, Fr. Benedict Joseph, O.P., Fr. Tim Hayes, and Fr. Don Franks.

John Hardon, SJ Servant of God Fr. John Hardon, SJ, whose vast writings are now being translated and scrutinized in preparation for his cause for canonization, guided Mother Margaret Mary through a 30 day Ignatian retreat and then wrote a letter of recommendation for her to Bishop Griffin.

[Click HERE to read excerpts from some of his letters to her.

Bishop Schneider speaking to group Bishop Athanasius Schneider of the diocese of Karanganda (near the Chinese border) visited the Children of Mary on July 24th, 2008.

[Click HERE for more information and to see more pictures from Bishop Athanasius Schneider's visit, or to order his book]

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