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Children of Mary Printable Order Form
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  The Ceaseless Act of Love    
  The Greatest Love Story    
  The Living God    
  Communion Prayer    
  Follow the Lamb    
  I Thirst    
  If the priest knew    
  Two Liftings    
  Mysteriously eloquent    
  I AM the Eucharist    
  When man humbles himself    
  In the face of evil    
  God did His part    
  This is My Body - English    
  This is My Body - Spanish    
  CD "Lift Jesus High"    
  Contraception Video    
  ComeUnity DVD    
  Co-Worker Kit    
  Chidren of Mary Book of Prayers    
  Dominus Est    
  love for Love Video    
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Please print, complete, and mail, along with your check or money order made payable to Children of Mary, to:
Children of Mary
8353 Pleasant Chapel Road
Newark, OH 43056

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Suggested Donations:

Prayer Cards: 1-24 for 25 cents each
  25-99 for 20 cents each
  100 or more for 15 cents each
CDs: $12.00 each
  2 or more for $10.00 each
Contraception DVD: $3.00 each
ComeUnity DVD: $5.00 each
Co-Worker Kit*: $75.00
Children of Mary Book of Prayers: $3.00
Dominus Est: $8.00
love for Love Video: $2.00

*Co-Worker Kit includes 25 of each card, 5 CDs, 5 ComeUnity DVDs,
    5 Contraception DVDs, and 25 brochures