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Mother Margaret Mary

Mother Margaret Mary

Click here to listen to Mother Margaret Mary's story on St. Gabriel's Radio- Answering the Call - January 2012

Mother Margaret Mary was born in Sidney, Ohio in 1947. She earned her undergraduate degree in education at the University of Dayton and her masters degree in counseling from Ohio State University. She was a teacher for 18 years in Columbus, Ohio. In 1984 she had a profound conversion experience which changed the entire direction of her life. For five years she became very active in her parish but soon felt the Lord asking her to leave all to live a life of solitude and prayer. She moved to the land which is currently our Motherhouse and prepared, under the guidance of Bishop James A. Griffin, to take vows as a canonical hermit. In 1999, the bishop informed her that he didnít think God wanted her to continue living as a hermit, but to be open to starting a community. She spent a year in Toledo with the Visitation nuns. During that time the Lord confirmed the bishopís discernment and gave her the charism for the community ó to fill the world with love for Our Eucharistic Lord. Bishop Griffin consecrated her on January 17, 2002 and chose for her the religious name Margaret Mary. Her lifeís goal is to fill the world with a cry of joy, "Jesus, I love You in the Most Blessed Sacrament!"

Sister Philomena Maria

Sister Philomena Maria

Click here to listen to Sister Philomena Maria's story on St. Gabriel's Radio - Answering the Call - May 2016

Sr. Philomena Maria is an only child, born and raised in Newark, OH. She converted to the Catholic Faith after attending a Life Teen Mass and entered the Church on Easter Vigil 2000, receiving the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Communion. She began to deepen her prayer life and to truly seek the Will of God. Feeling called to the religious life, she visited several communities before meeting the Children of Mary at her home parish. She entered the community May 31, 2008 and made her Final Profession on April 26 - The Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel - 2016.

Sister Agnes Immaculae

Sister Agnes Immaculae

Click here to listen to full story on St. Gabriel's Radio - Answering the Call - January 2013

Sr. Agnes Immaculae grew up in Methuen, MA with three older brothers. Her family didn't practice any religion and she converted to Catholicism at age 19. On Thanksgiving 2009, while making a private retreat at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Children of Mary, she received a miraculous healing before our Eucharistic Lord and felt Him asking her to leave all, including her dance career, to be His alone. She entered the community on the eve of Corpus Christi June 2010 and made her Final Profession on April 26 - The Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel - 2016.

Sister Bernadette Marie

Sister Bernadette Marie

Sr. Bernadette Marie was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and attended Catholic schools for 12 years. Upon graduation, she worked as a secretary in the steel industry and was blessed with an early retirement in 1999 to take care of her aging parents. She had a life-long desire for a religious vocation and found Children of Mary through their Eucharistic Prayer Cards. She entered the community as an aspirant on April 28, 2011 and made her First Profession on the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19 2013.

Sister Faustina Maria

Sister Faustina Maria

Sr. Faustina Maria grew up in California. When she was 12 years old her mom returned to the Catholic Church after being away for many years. Once her mom taught her that the Holy Eucharist is Jesus, she asked to be baptized. At 14 she moved to the border of Arkansas and Missouri and only began to take her faith seriously around the age of 17 when a friend encouraged her to start praying the daily scriptural rosary. From that day on nothing was the same. She felt called to religious life and began her search for the right community. She found Children of Mary online and entered on the Feast of Our Lady's Presentation 2012. She made her First Profession on May 13 2014. Read more about Sr. Faustina Maria when she was a novice with her baptismal name of Sr. Laena

Sister Lynn

Sister Josepha Marie

Sr. Josepha Marie was born and raised in Bethesda, MD in a Catholic family. She has two sisters and brothers in-law and five nieces and nephews. Her father died in 1997 and her mother still lives in the house where they all grew up. She entered Children of Mary on the Feast of the Annunciation April 2013 and made her First Profession on May 13, 2014.

Sister Katerina

Sister Katerina Rose

Sr. Katerina Rose grew up in London, England and began discerning her vocation when she was 17. She believes that her vocation came through praying the Holy Rosary, which she began to do daily at the age of 14. She heard about the Children of Mary in 2011 when her brother met two of the Sisters at World Youth Day in Spain. She came to visit in May 2012 and by the second week was sure of her vocation with them. After a year of waiting for her visa she was finally able to enter on April 23 2013 and made her First Profession on November 21, 2014.

Sister Andrea

Sister Andrea Maria

Sr. Andrea Maria was originally from Mexico City but grew up in Al Paso, Texas. She felt the call to religious life and began searching for the right community. Adoration had always been a very important part of her life and she wanted to find a community that adored Our Lord at least one hour a day. She was also looking for a community that had silence as well as times of recreation and that wore the full habit. She found Children of Mary on the internet and it was everything she had been looking for. She entered the community on the Feast of the Visitation May 2013 and she made her First Profession on November 21, 2014.

Sister Lucia Maria

Sister Lucia Maria

Sr. Lucia Maria was born and raised in Wooster, OH, one of five children. From a very young age she felt the call to religious life which was strengthened by the daily recitation of the rosary with her mother and the witness of her father's conversion to Catholicism. Her public school education increased her desire for religious life as she saw the great need to spread God's love to the world. The common love for Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament drew her to the Children of Mary and she entered the Community on August 17, 2014. She professed her first vows on May 13, 2016.

Sister Peggy

Sister Mary Consolata

Sister Mary Consolata came from Medina, OH. She is one of five children and was raised in the Catholic Faith. She worked as a light technician and spent much of her time backpacking - walking thousands of mile in search for beauty. She owes her conversion and vocation to the loving prayers of her mother. She met Children of Mary while on private retreat and after much time in adoration realized she could be called. She came for a time of discernment and entered the Community in April of 2015. She received the Holy Habit on November 21, 2015.

Sister Jane

Sister Antonetta Maria

Sister Antonetta Maria is from the D.C. area and is one of three children. She grew up in a Catholic home. Her first experience in Adoration had a great impact on her and she began to make her faith more personal. She visited the Sisters during Advent of 2014 and after hearing the Litany of Reparation she knew that this was the Community for her. She entered in May 2015 and was clothed in the Holy Habit on November 21, 2015.

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