NOVEMBER 21, 2013 - Children of Mary investiture

investiture-112113 Fr. Lutz: "Dear Sisters, what does your heart desire?"

Sisters: " My heart's desire is to give myself to God as a Sister of Children of Mary; to adore and love Him and pray that all people will come to adore Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament and be faithful members of His Holy Catholic Church."

investiture-112113 The Sisters have their hair cut before donning the Children of Mary habit - we cut our hair as a symbol of turning away from the allurements of the world and all self-seeking and from all this moment onward striving only to please our Beloved Spouse Jesus, by growing in His grace and love.

investiture-112113 "Receive this purple scapular, a symbol of the yoke of Christ, a yoke that is easy and light when worn with great love for Him. The purple signifies the grace with which you are clothed because of His Passion - may this be a year of much growth in grace and wisdom. It is made of wool, a reminder that you are one of His sheep, following your Shepherd wherever He leads, and obeying the shepherds He places over you - His vicar, Our Holy Father, and all of the bishope and priests in union with him."

investiture-112113 The new Novices are welcomed into the Children of Mary Family by their Mother and Sisters.

investiture-112113 With much gratitude for your love and prayers, The Sisters of Children of Mary

Top Row L to R - Sr. Leslie Ann, Sr. Susan, Aspirant Rosa, Sr. Lynn, Sr. Laena, Aspirant Aureus

Front Row - Sr. Philomena Maria, Sr. Miriam, Sr. Mary Teresa, Sr. Laura, Mother Margaret Mary, Sr. Lesly, Sr. Agnes Immaculae, Sr. Bernadette Marie

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