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* Events Calendar *

Check the calendar for Children of Mary Events!

* Volunteers *

A group of people who commit to particular times and days to volunteer at one of our Convents.

* Prayer Supporter *

We need your prayers, sacrifices and offerings to assure that our apostolate will thrive and not be crushed under the attacks of the evil one. What we are asking is not a perfunctory, "Bless the Children of Mary", but a substantial commitment of prayer, like a daily rosary, or Mass, or chaplet, or a holy hour.

* Children of Mary Co-Worker *

Children of Mary Co-Workers share in the mission and charism of Children of Mary Sisters to quench the Thirst of Jesus to be loved in the Most Blessed Sacrament, to pray for priests, and to share with EVERYONE the beauty of the Catholic Faith and the astounding reality that God is with us in the Holy Eucharist!

* Children of Mary Lay Missionary *

Children of Mary Lay Missionaries enter more deeply into the life and charism of the Children of Mary Sisters. In addition to the requirements of a Co-worker, they live the charism in a radical way through the profession of the five vows: Obedience (to Holy Mother Church and to the way of life of a Lay Missionary), Simplicity, Chastity (according to state in life), prayer for priests, and to give one’s life to maintain the truth that the Eucharist is Jesus, the Living God, through work and prayer, that He be enthroned on all the altars of the world and loved and adored by all.

One of the current apostolates of the Consecrated Lay Missionaries is Sancta Familia - an apostolate for the Sanctification of the Family. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Please consider sharing in our apostolate of spreading love and reverence for Our Eucharistic Lord.

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