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It is with tremendous joy that we present this cd of the luminous mysteries of the rosary. We hope you'll like the peaceful chant and the meditations which are the heart of the charism of Children of Mary. This cd is not for anyone who simply wants to 'get in a rosary'. Rather, it is reflections presented in the Heart of Mary, uniting with her as we ponder the sacred mysteries. We feel certain that the Lord wanted this cd to be produced. It all happened quite suddenly. A Carmelite sister came to spend a few weeks. While here she taught me to chant the rosary in Latin. As she was teaching me the chant, I felt a prompting from Our Lord to have it recorded with meditations that for some time have been in my heart, and are the heart of the reason for forming the community Children of Mary. (Guess what day Sister Teresa arrived...October 7th, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!) Sister Teresa, myself, and the Schermerhorn girls (the Schermerhorn's live nearby and are one of the families that come here each week for family adoration) made the recording at Rome Recording Studio, which turned out to be owned and operated by Dave Keller, a fervent Catholic with six children. Praised be to God! I had wondered what type of worldly environment I would find in a recording studio, and how wonderfully surprised I was to find a prayer hanging on the wall before us as we recorded the rosary! Dave generously provided the background music and the closing song for the cd.

Over 6000 CDs distributed!

Read below a few of the many responses we have received about the CD:

  • FROM A PRIEST IN SOUTH DAKOTA: I received a real blessing from God today when I opened a donor box and found a new copy of your wonderful CD addressed to me - I listened to it and was brought to tears of joy for the beauty I heard and felt. -- Fr. Charles Wonch, scj
  • FROM A HAPPY MOTHER WHOSE SON WENT TO CONFESSION FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 10- 12 YEARS AFTER LISTENING TO THE CD: Dear Sr. Margaret Mary,I just wanted to share with you what happened when you sent me the Rosary CD... I gave it to my son who is 32 years old to listen to it. Although he goes to church at his convenience and is a good person, he lacked conviction and faith. I asked him to listen to it once! He talked to me a few days latter and said that he listened to it on the way to work ... TWO days in a row. I was surprised and happy. we got into a discussion about confession and sins and am pleased to share that he and his wife (who also went to church occasionally) went to confession last week after 10 -12 years...

  • FROM IRELAND: That CD. Yup, reduced me to tears. That child's voice at the end saying, "Jesus, I wish everyone loved You!" was what did it for me. I was welling up many times but kept composed. Then that little innocent voice , well, my heart leapt. God has certainly inspired that CD. His hand is very visible in its creation. May God bless your great and saving work. -- Fergal O'Neil, Republic of Ireland

  • I like to listen to it when I am tired because it is peaceful.

  • The meditations have renewed my faith.

  • I have been on many retreats, some good, some not so good, but this cd is the best retreat I have ever had.

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